mPEX News Update from Clive Lightfoot and David Kayondo

mPEX News Update from Clive Lightfoot and David Kayondo after their recent visit to Kenya and Uganda. An Experienced SME Client Base for mPEX After meetings with Clive and David, ten of our experienced...   mehr


Farmers want another 50 metal silos

Crowd Funding for TBM to continue with mPEX/TSS Tanzania Biashara Mapema (TBM) is a company that uses the Transaction Security Service mPEX/TSS marketing model that gives fair prices to farmers, transparency,...   mehr


Discussions have been opened between mPEX and Softwaregroup

We are happy to announce that discussions have been opened with Softwaregroup in Nairobi to build our mobile application. We have worked together with this company in the past on the Transaction Security...   mehr


News from Bonde Soko

Moses Gichuru has found a new market for his Cassangano flour in Maralal, Samburu in Northern Kenya. Moses Gichuru, CEO of Bonde Soko, explains “The community that lives here are normadic pastoralists. The...   mehr


Chicken Basket is interested to pilot the mPEX-Mobile-TSS app

Abisai Nandi runs a firm that is a one-stop shop for poultry farmers. Abisai Nandi, 31, runs the enterprise called Chicken Basket where he buys birds from contracted farmers and slaughters them at Mamboleo...   mehr


mPEX attended AFSIC, the leading investment event focused on Africa’s financial services sector

AFSIC is the leading investment event focused on Africa’s financial services sector. The annual AFSIC, attracts financial services companies, predominantly leading Banks, Insurance Companies, Microfinance,...   mehr


Solomon Mulindi explains how Farmways Ltd. has increased business

Kisumu, Kenya. We’ve published two new impact stories from Kenya on the mPEX website this month. In Increased Business for Farmways, Solomon Mulindi explains how Farmways Ltd. (producers of Kienyeji Chicken)...   mehr


Clive and David visited the Africa Tech Summit 2017

Africa Tech Summit, London. Clive commented “The feedback I got made it very clear to me that we've got a really great product in our mobile app tools. And we're working in a really exciting area as we mix...   mehr


Cassangano developed specifically for low-income consumers

Nakuru, Kenya. In Challenges Growing a Processing Business, Moses Gichuru explains the challenges for his business Bonde Soko which is producing Cassangano, a range of cassava based products developed...   mehr


mPEX Pitches for Investment in a New Mobile App

Lausanne, Switzerland. mPEX is looking for investment to build our new mobile App. We started this month by visiting the Seedstars Conference in Lausanne a forum for entrepreneurship & innovative technologies...   mehr